Right now I am working on a 10 day guest post for the new label Vaughan. Here is the last of the adventure. The task is to style the super silky black blouse 10 different ways for 10 different outings! Here we go……
Vaughan is my +1 for Wedding Season

Carolina Herrera may have pioneered the button down and evening skirt combo, but we take it to another level in a bold hue! When met with a thigh high slit and a rhinestone eagle belt, the conservative nature of this top turns dramatic! You shouldn’t steal the show at a wedding, but you should contribute to some super chic photos!

I hope this helps inspire you when you reach for your Vaughan in the wardrobe and wonder what to wear! Something so simple can be the perfect piece to build a stunning ensemble from! Don’t be afraid to take risks and have fun with your clothing creations. You only live once! Dress for it!

Check out the full post over on the Vaughan site and buy a shirt while you are there! They are truly fantastic and I’m living in mine! My next one will have my monogram on it. Us Southerners love  a good monogram!

Vaughan black silk shirt, skirt by Sabrina’s Grandmother (God bless her!!), Zara shoes and belt, H&M bag, BCBG ring, Golden Stella earrings