Right now I am working on a 10 day guest post for the new label Vaughan. Here is Day 7 of the adventure. The task is to style the super silky black blouse 10 different ways for 10 different outings! Here we go……

VAUGHAN needs a Girl’s Night Out to Dance and Dish

Mixing dressy and casual pieces is a great way to liven up your wardrobe and really get the good out of things you might not have an opportunity to wear otherwise (i.e. sequin blazer). These paint splattered jeans (courtesy of my own messy hands and lack of a dropcloth) stand out beautifully when set off against the black Vaughan. Too keep it from getting too casual, I add some strappy heels and, you guessed it, a gold sequin blazer worn cape style for added fab! Look closely and you might spy a slim-line leather fanny pack! On a girls night, being able to dance is key and who wants to keep up with some dainty clutch anyway!?! Fashion and function have just joined forces!

Check out the full post over on the Vaughan site and buy a shirt while you are there! They are truly fantastic and I’m living in mine! My next one will have my monogram on it. Us Southerners love  a good monogram!

Vaughan shirt, Zara jacket, Express jeans (embellishment Sabrina’s own), Zara shoes, Ginger Michelle belt pack, C. Wonder necklace, Michael Kors watch, Alexander McQween and BCBG rings.