Right now I am working on a 10 day guest post for the new label Vaughan. Here is Day 9 of the adventure. The task is to style the super silky black blouse 10 different ways for 10 different outings! Here we go……
An Anniversary That’s Black and White and Fab All Over

Every year, my anniversary rolls around and I wonder what to wear. The required outfit must be feminine yet chic, age appropriate yet fun, and comfortable yet fashionable! And let me tell you that is no small feat for one garment! That is until I slipped Vaughan over this black and white floral dress my grandmother handmade for me and belted the whole creation. To hide the shirttail I simply rolled the ends up and hid them under the extra wide elastic belt. Elastic belts serve another purpose too… They allow you to indulge in that super rich dessert you had your eye on since you walked in the restaurant! After all, it’s an anniversary dinner… may as well celebrate!

Check out the full post over on the Vaughan site and buy a shirt while you are there! They are truly fantastic and I’m living in mine! My next one will have my monogram on it. Us Southerners love  a good monogram!

Vaughan black silk shirt, dress made by Sabrina’s grandmother (!!!), vintage bag, vintage belt, Zara shoes, necklace from the Jade Market, BCBG ring.