Dress: Forever 21 and I added the parrot, Shoes: ℅ Marks and Spencer, Jacket, Bag, and Necklace: Zara, Skull Ring: McQueen ℅ Net-a-Porter, Pinky Ring: Citrine ℅ Shopbop, Gold Bracelet: Bejewelled Bespoke, Watch: Michael Kors

I’m not topically a fan of the whole high low mullet skirt thing but this dress is just so comfy that I can’t help but say yes. Plus, I amped it up with the parrot sleeve detail, which I painstakingly sewed on myself,  and now it is one of my fave pieces to throw on for an evening outing! This little birdie sat in the DIY cubby for so long waiting for a garment to perch upon and finally this dress appeared. Totally MFEO (pardon the Sleepless in Seattle reference- I watched it while I was in GA with mom). I have a few other little sequin appliqués that are looking for a home as well so you might see them creeping up on other closet creations. I have been cleaning out the cabinets in prep for babes and just stumbled upon a hearty array of DIY goods purchased on my last Sham Shui Po trip. Judging by the amount of tassels I purchased I must have had some big necklace projects in the works. That or I was planning a burlesque themed ensemble. Either way they will first be making an appearance on my Christmas tree! And with that diversion from all things relevant… Happy Holidays!