Sabrina Sikora of The First Wife for Belber

When I was 16 years old I made my first trip from Macon, Georgia to New York City. My mom and I were going for one week to meet the Elite New York team and for me to go on some request castings and meet a few photographers. Now I know that the uniform for this is pair of black ripped jeans, a white shirt, a black ankle boot, and a black leather jacket and this all fits into a carry on with a great pair of heels and a dress to go out in at night. But the 16 year old me had no idea how to pack for a one-week trip and I ended up with two carry on bags and a huge checked suitcase all filled to the brim.

When I arrived, my agent had me bring in my suitcases to see what I brought to go out on the town in. He instantly dismissed everything in the bags as unwearable and “too Southern” (i.e. anything with colors or prints) and had me go out to buy all new and all black items. He also shrugged off all ten pairs of shoes I had brought as juvenile. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to dress in a big city but luckily I quickly learned the ropes.

Sabrina Sikora of The First Wife for Belber

Now I can pack for up to a month in one carry on bag. No joke. After doing the 15/30 challenge I now know that I only need 15 wardrobe items to carry me through 30 days (see proof here, here, and here). I get a thrill from traveling with just carry on luggage and am double excited for my next weekend jaunt up to Hong Kong where I can not only utilize this skill but also visit all my favorite places and friends. Below is my perfect travel wardrobe that tucks neatly into my Belber Arch Bowling bag making zipping through the airport and customs a breeze leaving more time to enjoy my favorite city.

On the Fly

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For the travel days, this is my look of choice. I opt for a pair of skinny black pants with a leopard blouse that can easily take me from the plane to tea with friends and even to dinner out. Prints are amazing for the plane because if there is turbulence and my drink spills no one can tell! The blazer is the perfect pairing for air con and those HK winter temps, which are never too cold to freeze out fashion. I stash my travel documents in the compact and sleek Perrin Paris Martha Bag. To keep skin hydrated and looking fresh on the plane and one arrival I opt for tinted moisturizer and a rose water spray. I recently tried out the new Glam-It option and was very impressed with the light refreshing scent. Flat loafers are the shoe of choice for comfort and versatility. Toss this Belber Bowler in the overhead and I’m off!

Sabrina Sikora of The First Wife for Belber

I couldn’t’ recommend a better bag than the Belber Bowler for an overnight or weekend away trip. I even used it as my recent hospital stay (see what a luxe mama needs here). The quality of the grained cow leather is top notch and the stitching is on par with the top luxury bag markers of the world. The hardware is stainless steel and very durable. You never feel like this bag is straining at the seams. This is one sturdy bag and I can fill it to the brim and know that the striped canvas strap is up to the task of hauling it around. One of my favorite features is the microfiber-lined pockets as I can toss my gadgets and glasses in without fear of them being scratched.

Around Town

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If asked what my on the town look of choice is then the answer is clear: white, black, and leopard with a pop of red. You can go anywhere, meet anyone, and do anything while looking polished and feeling confident. Plus, you can fit in any major metropolitan city in the world and look chic as can be. Leather pants and white blouse provide the base for this knit leopard cape. A giant Chanel bag stuffs souvenirs, a camera, and gigantic sunglasses for a day well spent. I love this black boot but may opt for something with a touch lower heel if there is a lot of walking to be done. Finish the whole look with a swipe of red lipstick and a splash of the intoxicating Black Orchid and I’m off.

Night Lights

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I only stray from my uniform of black and white and leopard at night. Here a nude cape dress is the star of the show though the Kotur clutch and Tom Ford heels may beg to differ. I keep jewelry simple with a drapey choker that fills in the void left by the neckline. Beauty is nude but bold with statement lashes and an inky liquid Glam-It liner in a mini size which fits in any clutch making on the go touch ups a breeze.

Sabrina Sikora of The First Wife for Belber

What I love about these looks is I can mix and match the pieces with ease creating more looks than what you see here. I also always throw in a black pencil skirt in my suitcase as it adds even more versatility to the blouse, jacket, and shoe combos you can create. A small lingerie pouch and make up bag are all I need to round out my Belber bag and have me on my way.

Sabrina Sikora of The First Wife for Belber

No matter if you are weekending away in Hong Kong, Paris, New York, London, or Tokyo these looks are classic, stylish, and impossibly versatile allowing you to blend seamlessly into the jet set crowd. No more looking “too Southern” for me! I have learned from my teenage missteps and have created the perfect formula dressing for days and even weeks on end in one carry on. And long gone are my over stuffed check bags. Now my Belber bowler boasts a perfectly curated weekend wardrobe. In a flash I can pack my bag and have more time to take on the town.

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