Leopard Dress: Topshop, Gray Blazer: BCBG, Bag: Kate Spade, Boots: Sambag, Rhinestone Necklace: Zara, Pineapple Necklace: Topshop, Skull Ring: Alexander McQueen, Dome Ring: BCBG

Straight on there may be no bump but from the side this baby bump begs to be reckoned with and trust me I have heard from everyone and their brother how big I am! (Note to all: Just tell pregnant ladies that they look fabulous even if you don’t think they do. We are so busy trying to keep out breakfast down, finding clothing to fit around our disappearing waistlines, and dealing with the fact that our life, as we have known it, is fleeting that we don’t want to hear that I “must be due any day” or “is it twins”. Seriously, when it ok to turn me around and comment on the size of my backside [castings excluded]!). Being pregnant in HK has overall been very fun (except when nauseous and caught in a wet market in July heat) and I have loved having so many friends around me during this time. The tricky part is that you have a mash up of cultures and everyone seems to have their own list of what is and isn’t acceptable for moms to be. One day I hear that I should be on bed rest and not even going to dinners or events and the next that I am perfectly capable to carry on at normal speed just so long as I leave the heavy gear-lugging to a photo assistant (fine by me!). One friend tells me I can’t have cooked shellfish, another says no tomatoes, another no avocados, another no pizza (what!!!), and so on and so on. Each statement then receives a quick google search to see if I am indeed doing something to harm baby and a decision is made to either chow down or pass the plate (ps- all safe according to US health sites). I understand everyone is just trying to be helpful and offer tips that they have heard but it seems to come from everywhere making it a more than a little overwhelming and confusing.

The biggest thing I keep hearing is that I shouldn’t be wearing heels. So far as I have found there is no medical reason for this. Basically, the point made by most baby sites is that your center of balance is affected the bigger the bump gets and you are more likely to fall off of the high heels possibly causing injury to babes. What I have found is that my balance has actually been better with the bump! It somehow seems to balance out my backside and now I can actually hold tree pose in a sturdy stance in yoga without fixating on the floor! I have pushed the super platforms to the back of the closet though. These Sambag boots are once again on high rotation given their super comfy status and the fact that 82 degree weather qualifies as “fall” in HK. The stilettos are still in rotation but just for the evening events- typically around 2-3 hours max.

Due to the fact that anything that pushes on belly makes me sick I am living in dresses! I love the fitted variety as the floaty ones just make me feel like I am wearing a tent and bigger than I really am. Topshop in HK doesn’t carry maternity but just going up a size seems to do the trick…for now! This dress has a sexy cut out in the back but seeing as the words “sexy” and “pregnant” don’t seem to go hand in hand I have been topping this piece off with a blazer! I have picked up a few great pieces from Asos that promise to expand with me. Also, there is a renewed love for bold lips as it seems to wake up my face with just a swipe! My faves are Mac, Color Sensationals from Maybelline, and a new Dolce & Gabbana one called Scarlett!

The trick is, even with all the sickness, body changes, and constant flood of advice coming at me from every direction, to hold on to what makes me me! Life is certainly changing and I  am excited about the direction I am headed (namely, motherhood) but still want to feel like I haven’t lost myself in the process so I’m donning those bold prints and colors, baby, because I have four more months of this ride. Ask me if I am still wearing heels come March and the story may be completely different though. The dark prints, I hear, are good for hiding the myriad of baby fluids I will without a doubt be covered in. Glamorous, I know!