The style posts are back! Let’s face it.. it’s hard to be stylish while dealing with a newborn! Now the kiddo is rocking and rolling and able to not smash his little cute face into mommy’s big necklaces so I’m able to wear my crazy garb again with only a few instances of stains and/or tears. Not sure what he thinks of the looks I create and I fear he may be more embarrassed of me than proud as he hits the school age years but we will figure it out as we go along. Until then here’s more of the fun, fancy, and sometimes insane looks that I love.

So I thought I was just going for a dinner with my better half’s coworkers but he had other plans. After posting a pic on my instagram my husband called me out on my phone addiction and told me to put my phone away. I willfully obliged not knowing that he was afraid that someone would blow the surprise he was planning by commenting on said pic. On the way to dinner we stopped for a tipple of champagne under the ruse that the couple we were meeting was running late. After a few bubbles were tossed back we caught a cab down to dinner where instead of being greeted by his colleagues I was surprised by my best of friends! As they yelled “Surprise! and Happy Birthday!” I struggled to catch my breath and was in awe of what my husband had planned and so successfully pulled off! It was a very real surprise as my birthday is in April not August. However, birthday plans in April were put on the back burner as I was just six weeks post having my sweet boy and was in no way ready to party!

Pre-dinner I had asked him what I should wear as I modeled options in the bedroom. I had it down to a navy romper from BCBG or my new S.Nine. Thankfully he agreed that the black wrap dress was the best option. I thought it may have been too sexy but he knew I would rather be surprised in a fab S. Nine get up than in a romper! Who wants to be surprised in a onsie after all! Well done, husband, well done indeed! Thank you to all who came out to celebrate and to Cipriani’s for the incredible food, service, and ambiance. But most of all thank you to my truly fantastic husband!

Dress: S. Nine, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Fendi, Flood Ring: Twelve-O-Two by The9thMuse, Earrings: J.Crew from Caty