Once upon a time a girl named Sabrina moved to Hong Kong and she had lovely long blonde locks. This girl was 6′ tall and loved bright colors, prints, big heels, and red lips so she decided to go back to her natural shade in order to “blend in”. The problem was that due to all the damage from years and years of coloring compounded by the overwhelming humidity of the new town she was left looking very much like the maiden in distress…tress distress!


It turns out she was not alone. All the ladies of the kingdom had the same issues. Whether short or long, blonde or brunette they all found malice with their mane. They gathered together at Airplay Blow Dry Bar (the spot for ladies in the know) and cried out for help!


Thankfully, a shining knight on a white steed came to the rescue (ok…a pro-hairstylist in a red taxi). His name was Rob Resnick and instead of a sheath and shield he brandished a GHD Curve Wand.


This magic wand made all the difference in the texture and shine in her limp brown locks. The wand turned on to the perfect even heat (thanks to the brands tri-zone technology) in seconds flat and was easy to maneuver around her head. The trick was to switch the hand that was holding it when you moved to the other side of the head. One only needed to section off a piece of hair, spray it with the Curl Enhancing Spray, and hold the hair around the wand for 5-8 seconds for the perfect bouncy lustrous wave to appear.


Rob taught that it was best to start with the front of the hair on both sides and then move to the back as the front is what counts. Who cares if the back is perfect!? The waves should go away from and towards the face for a look that is relaxed and natural. But the best tip that this guru had to offer was that the waves around the face should start at eye level! Then go back and add a bit of oomph and volume by holding the wand near the root and lifting the piece over the wand to add height.


Sabrina and the other lovely maidens hair were saved! No more braids and buns for these girls! It was time to show the kingdom (ok Hong Kong) their glorious new ‘dos.


Just a quick shake of the head while massaging the roots and Sabrina was ready to go!


Abreka-Dabra-Presto-Chango! Here was the new and improved version complete with curls made to last.


All the ladies of the land rejoiced! “Hear Hear- Our hair is saved thanks to GHD!”, they chanted.


The Ladies: Myself, Elma of Stylicious, Emma of Dog and Pony Vintage, Norbyah of I’m A Norbyah,  Jannah of Jannah Velma Nior, Jasmine of Dress Me Blog Me and Ira of Style Kush,

(the next day and the curls are still going strong! )


And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

To book an appointment at AirPlay and live your own fairytale hair dreams then reach out to them here.

To buy the GHD Curve Wand or Tongs stop by AirPlay or Lane Crawford in Times Square or Harbour City.

Big thanks of Kan Man for his ace photography skills!