Dress: Asos Maternity, Jacket: BCBG, Shoes: InStyle x Nine West, Bag, ℅ Anya Hindmarch, Rings: Forever 21 and a gift from Grandma, Necklace: Caty Jewelry

I am closing in on the big day so I am trying to wear all my crazy shoes and jewelry and lip colors now before I am officially a mom! I know fashion and style do not have to end once motherhood has begun but it will take a backseat those first few months while I am changing nappies and being thrown up on…. so glamorous I know. Also, babies don’t appreciate being scratched by fab jewels or covered with orange lipstick so that will all remain a memory until I figure out what the heck I am doing. Yes, I am admitting to not knowing what the heck I’m doing because no matter how many classes you take or how many kiddies you have babysat you still are clueless your first go as a mom (and I hear the same is true no matter how many kids you have or how long you have had them). So I’ll do my best navigating this new terrain and, hopefully, eventually be able to do it in stilettos. And yes, I am still wearing heels while eight months preggers. Thankfully, they all still fit and my balance is better than it has ever been (this bump acts as a counterweight to the backside!). One of my random fears was that my size US11 (42) feet would grow with pregnancy and I would end up in men’s shoes or shopping at drag stores (I have done both before) but luckily that has not been the case! My grandmother put this fear in my head when she told me that she started off as a size 7 and after five kids was left wearing a 10! Not ok, grandma, not ok! There’s still a few more weeks to go so there is still time though….