Getting more for your money is something that everyone values. So when you are with bump it makes sense to buy pieces that will work with you for that time and beyond especially since pregnancy is for such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things (though it feels like an eternity when you are counting down the days and weeks). That is why most of the items I invest in while pregnant are those that I know I can where afterwards as well. Local HK label Grana is one such line that isn’t meant for maternity but offers such great items that can move and grow with you that I quickly loaded up my shopping cart once that minus sign turned to a positive one!

Grana is a new brand, launched only in April of 2014, but they have quickly made a name for themselves as the go-to for all of your everyday basics. What started with a line of Peruvian Pima cotton t-shirts soon grew to include Chinese silks and cotton twill, Japanese denim and chambray, Irish linen, French poplin, Mongolian cashmere, and Italian merino and sensitive. They can sort you out if you need dresses, tanks, chinos, sweaters, and even recently launched an underwear line. Best of all, all of these favorites come in multiple colors so if you like a piece you can buy it in every shade and create your own capsule wardrobe. I’m guilty of buying the silk cami again and again each time a new hue is released. Whatever your endeavor you can find a look to suit at Grana…even if that adventure is making a human!

1. Chambray Boyfriend Shirt 

DSC_2718.1webDSC_2645.1web DSC_2661.1web DSC_2675.1web

Shirt: Grana; Shorts: Club Monaco; Shoes: Sam Edelman; bag: Chanel, Necklace: unknown; Ring: Forever21, Bracelet and Watch: Cartier

There are several pieces that work for maternity even though this brand doesn’t boast its bump-approved status. First up, is this chambray boyfriend shirt, which is surprisingly roomy. Here I paired it with leather shorts (also non-maternity) and a big showstopper of a necklace to dress it up a bit as I am more comfortable when slightly overdressed. If and when the buttons do start to strain then leave it unbuttoned and toss it over just about any dress for a relaxed look. You can even tie it up over the bump when wearing a basic tank dress to add comfort and coverage. This shirt not only works for the everyday runaround that pregnancy brings (there is so much to prepare!) but is great post baby as all those buttons make for easy feeding.

2. Silk Loose Shorts

DSC_2985.1web DSC_2998.1web DSC_3078.1web DSC_3127.1web

Shirt and Shorts: Grana; Jacket: BCBG; Bag: c/o Shanghai Tang; Shoes: Nine West

Another easy breezy piece is the silk loose shorts, which come in a staggering 14 color options! These are an obvious choice for the forgiving elastic waist which can ride at your real waist at the before and after babe and slightly lower as the bump takes charge. Being pregnant in the summer, combined with the soaring body temps that accompany this hormonal roller coaster known as pregnancy, and you can see why silk is a easy choice. I love these for a night out as the elegant fabric easily makes the transition from day to night even if I can’t seem to last as long in my heels as I once did.

3. Silk Ankle Pants

DSC_2917.1web DSC_2831.1web DSC_2764.1web

Pants: Grana; Shirt and Earrings: H&M, Shoes: Sam Edelman; Bag: c/o Poupee de Papier; Watch and Bracelet: Cartier

Just as easy to wear as the shorts are the silk ankle pants that not only offer unmatched comfort but also conceal any newly noticeable veins. And yes, they are lined so you don’t have to worry about any sheerness here. Your only problem will be narrowing down what color to buy them in (nine shades available!). These are also a great option for second time around moms as you can easily tend to your first without giving the world a show. After I had my son, I lived in cropped pants like these as it was easier to bend over the stroller and pick him up and down with out feeling too exposed. Plus, the fluidity of the material kept me feeling dressed up and like I had made more of an effort than maybe I really had. Seriously, having a few great pieces like this around that look nice when paired with near anything saves you when you have five minutes to get out the door. I would also recommend a big pair of fab shades and a bright red lipstick. In less time than it takes to change a diaper you are ready to rock.

4. Silk Racerback Camisole

DSC_3247.1webDSC_3282.1web  DSC_3369.1web DSC_3209.1web

Shirt: Grana; Suit and Heels: Zara; Necklace: Vintage; Rings: c/o Niin and Edge of Ember

My favorite Grana piece to date is this silk racerback cami. This is one that I already owned pre-bump in six colors and recently bought it in three more (can you say addicted?!). I was surprised to learn how long I have been able to wear this with the belly. Seriously, it just keeps on keepin’ on no matter how much baby I seem to cram in it! The length makes it perfect for leaving untucked over any elastic or maternity waistbands and hits at a nice point on the hips. The spaghetti straps draw the attention to your shoulders and collarbone. You may have also spotted it above paired with the white silk shorts. I love the look of matching the top and bottom as it turns your separates in one long line and can even look like a romper when your waist reappears.

5. Silk Racerback Trapeze Dress 

DSC_3585.1webDSC_3667.1web  DSC_3517.1web  DSC_3416.1web

Dress: Grana; Hat: Zara; Shoes: Asos; Bag and Keychain: Bali Travel Find

If you buy one item for your pregnancy from Grana make it this! The silk racerback trapeze dress is the most versatile piece and is incredibly comfortable! It glides over the bump and barely touches your body, which is a wonderful quality when battling morning sickness, tiredness, muscle aches, or a general irritability with other people. You put on one piece and add earrings or statement cuff and you are done. There is no thought required to look fabulous. It pairs perfectly with sandals, sneakers, or heels making it your best friend when rushing from event to event. I own this in black as well as the red you see here and frequently call upon it for date nights with my better half. All you need to do is change out the accessories to turn it into a completely different look. Plus, thanks to the generous shape, I can eat for two and no one is the wiser.

Grana may not bill themselves as a shop for the expecting but you can certainly expect a load of versatile bump friendly pieces to be on offer. And because each item is offered in a myriad of shades you can stock up to last you through the nine months ahead and know that you will still be able to wear them as your shape changes yet again post baby. They also offer a full range for men as well so dad can enjoy the same effortless yet stylish look too. If you are in Hong Kong, then pop into their Fitting Room to try all these pieces on and more and see what strikes your fancy. Otherwise, feel free to load up one of their blue boxes and have your order shipped right to your door in a matter of days. And just like you are busy growing a baby, Grana is busy growing their line of offerings so be sure to follow their feed and check their site as new items are being added all the time.


The Fitting Room

108 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Open 10a-10p

+852 9779 2445

All photos by the fantastic Terence Lee of Collabtive.

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