• By shopping I mean no new/used/vintage clothing, lingerie, jewelry, accessories, bags, or shoes for myself.
  • If I have gift cards I will use them after the 40 days unless they expire during that period. If they do expire during the 40 days then I will use it but not go over the gc amount (it’s free $ why waste it!?!).
  • I will not buy any items which can be DIY’ed into new things (i.e. no tassels, fringe, rhinestones, studs, etc).
  • This ban does not include food and everyday necessities.
  • It does not include things that my new sewing class may require me to purchase (i.e sewing kit) as I signed up for that pre-lent and don’t want to be an unprepared student.

I gave up shopping for clothing for 30 days last year for the 15/30 challenge and found it difficult to decide what constituted as clothing. For example does lingerie count? At that time the verdict was no though this round of the ban will include lingerie as well as accessories, bags, and shoes. Let’s be honest those bags and shoes can add up far more quickly than the clothing can anyway! I am doing this to help me understand that I don’t need to shop to wear this seasons trends. I have loads of fun pieces just sitting there in my wardrobe waiting to be mixed and matched in new and fun ways! One challenge will be when I am on holiday and want to buy a souvenir. Luckily, my trip to Tokyo was before lent so I was able to partake in the fab vintage scene there before the ban took effect!  The other challenge is that I am in stores everyday for events and previews and the like so I will be constantly surrounded by gorgeous glistening temptation. I need to remember that a press discount is only a discount and I am still spending money even if it is less than retail. The old justification of “but it was 20% off.. I SAVED 20%” is not going to cut it! Yes, a  lot of my wardrobe is vintage (i.e.Goodwill) which is super affordable and I am a sale shopper but still I need to recognize what I have and not what I don’t have. This holds true for life in general too!

So here goes!

Above Image by Kerrie Hess