Shirt: ℅ Polo by Ralph Lauren (buy it here) ; Skirt: Asos ; Bag: Mulberry ; Boots: Nine West ; Socks: H&M ; Skull: Brands; Bracelets: Callixto, Hermes, Cartier, Vintage ; Rings: Son Ihn Kim available at The9thMuse, Citrine by The Stones ; Snood: ℅ Free People

Ok so I’m not officially old but I am older than I previously was so that counts. What is “officially” old anyway? I’m pretty sure I will still be acting as ridiculous as ever way up into my 90’s, God willing! No matter how old is old I’m dressed a lot like I did when I was about nine and flannel was THE thing. Thankfully, I have left the boxer shorts and combat boots that I used to wear with said flannel behind opting for a leather pencil and a comfy leopard bootie instead. I think it may be having a kid that is making me dress more youthful. Who doesn’t love to hear, “YOU have a KID?!”. It used to drive me nuts when people thought my mom was my sister (cue mom lighting up like a Christmas tree) but if someone said that to me in a few years once the kiddo gets some height on him (and learns how to walk) then I’ll be the one getting all giddy. I’m sure he will hate it just as much as I did. But honestly, isn’t the threat of being embarrassed by your parents half the fun of growing up? I can’t wait to give him big bear hugs out in front of his school when he’s like 15 in front of all of his friends. And I’ll probably be dressed in leopard print and rhinestones when the PDA occurs only adding to the scars of adolescence. Go mom!