Black Silk Shirt: ℅ Vaughan (buy it here) ; Skirt: Asos ; Shoes: Fendi (buy them here) ; Bag: ℅ Danielle Nicole (buy similar here) ; Earrings: J. Crew from Caty Jewelry; Bracelet: Caty Jewelry ; Ring: Gift from my grandma!


Sure sure this is a belated outfit post but seeing that it is a simple black and white combo I’m declaring its timeless status and putting it up now for New Years! How are your holidays treating you? All is going well around here. I spent the first few weeks of December in Georgia and Vermont with the family cooking and eating and trying to get some sleep though my nine month old son had his own opinions about what an appropriate amount of sleep was. Funny how drastically my opinion differs from his. No matter how much or little shut eye I seem to get I keep trucking along and enjoying day after day of seeing his little face light up for friends and family and avocados. This was seriously the best Christmas as Santa returned to our house and filled the tree and stockings with goodies for my sweet boy. He liked the wrapping paper and fireplaces more than any actual gift but that’s alright with me so long as none of the above gets ingested. Now we are back in the Kong and back to work (kind of …it’s still the holidays!). I’m busy clearing out missed emails and setting up fun projects for the 2015. Keep an eye out here for more goodies soon. Until then make the most of what is left of 2014 and have a fun start to 2015!