Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Custom by Upper Street, Bag: Vintage (Goodwill), Necklace: Caty Jewelry, Ring: WetSeal

So yes, this is  New Years which normally makes me very nostalgic and sad but this year is different. After all, I’m super pregnant so I have a lot to look forward to for 2014! Now that the holidays are behind us I will be concentrating on all things baby and finally buying some baby gear and “decorating” the nursery. I say decorating loosely because I am really just moving out a desk and in a crib. Hope the kiddo likes gray and black because that is the decor! It’s simple and modern with no baby parephenalia around as everything is neatly tucked in a closet and out of sight. Throughout this baby expedition I have found that unlike my own wardrobe, where a myriad of colors and prints abound, I want the exact opposite for babes. Everything is white or gray and is as simple as can be. During this nesting process I have managed to clean out every cabinet, shelf, and drawer in the house and de-clutter! It feels great! The one area that my husband can’t seem to get me to budge on is my coat closet! I love coats! But that is neither here nor there. Baby clothes are tiny and don’t need space to hang so that is a battle for another day.

Now onto more pressing issues (babes still has 10 more weeks to cook so we have plenty of time to chat on that). Today is New Year’s Eve and I am surely going to miss popping bottle after bottle of champagne! I have found avoiding limiting caffeine to be a breeze, and taking a pass on oysters, sushi, and prosciutto hasn’t been too tricky; soft cheese is something I am looking forward to carving back into but the real downside to pregnancy (besides the morning sickness and vomiting which still plagues me) is the dismissal of wine and champagne. And no I am not a total lush but I do work in an industry where a glass of champers is an accessory in itself (also, I really really enjoy the taste)! So this NYE will be celebrated in a  much more tame environment where a nice dinner is not followed up by too much rowdiness. Hope you all have a fabulous New Year and please take advantage of the free flow for me! If anyone needs a DD then hit me up because I will be available for months to come though I don’t have an international license and I have never driven on the left before… otherwise, you are in totally safe hands! Happy New Years! Here’s to 2014 and all that it brings!

In other news… how great is this necklace from Caty that I got for Christmas!?! It’s green rhinestones with blue tassels!!! I want to wear it everyday!  #LOVE