It has long been my tradition to ensure that my birthday and Valentines Day are well sorted. I learned a long time ago that if you wait for someone else to make you happy you may end up doing a lot of waiting and not be very thrilled in the end. So take it into your own hands and control your destiny.

How do I do this? For me this means that on special days like my birthday and Valentines I take myself out for a fabulous lunch which includes 2-3 glasses of my fave bubbly (Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose) and promptly follow it up with a box of chocolates from See’s Candies ( ½ scotchmallows and ½ toffee-ettes). Then I head over and buy an armful of blooms at the local flower stand. And if I happen to wander in a boutique and pick up a little something special for myself then so be it. So now it doesn’t matter if my friends are busy or my husband has to work late I have already had an awesome day and anything on top of this just makes it better! I have since told my friends about this and they have adopted the same tactics ensuring they have a stellar special day as well. My mom has even started taking her birthday off from work to make sure that the day is celebrated to the fullest. Who wants to work on their birthday anyway?!

Another way to make yourself feel special is to send yourself flowers just because! Again, why wait for others to do it? I highly recommend calling the florist and telling them to delivery the flowers “any day this week between 10am-4pm”, or whatever time suits you. That way you don’t know when that knock on the door will happen. And maybe you even get so crazed and busy during the week that you even forgot you placed the order.

That’s just what I did with A Better Florist. This week needed a little brightening up as my kids are out of school and are both sick. It’s full on around here and the nights are just as busy as the days. Mama needs a treat! A Better Florist to the rescue! A big bold batch of blooms arrived at my door in just a few days and I was left feeling all giddy and highly appreciated, which all moms need to feel! Having a stunning spray of sunflowers on my dining table was just what I needed this week!

So if you are feeling like you need a little mood boost I highly recommend ordering some flowers for yourself today. Soon you will be feeling as bright as a bouquet. Bonus: I always feel like a beauty queen when the delivery person hands the flowers to me. “Me?! Really?! OMG! I can’t believe it!” Better days are on the horizon … and at your doorstep with A Better Florist.

A Better Florist +65 3163 1525 @abetterflorist


Earrings: Vanessa Tao | Ring: Alexis Bittar | Shoes: Sam Edelman