Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

Nightgown and Robe by Maison Zhou

As a second time mom I have already had the experience of a hospital stay post-delivery. The first time around went incredibly well as the Mathilda team in Hong Kong were very experienced and nurturing. I left armed with useful baby knowledge which included knowing a few additional goodies I would want to bring with me once Baby #2 was on the way. Now I am set to deliver my second child in Singapore at Glen Eagles and found packing my hospital bag a much easier task as I knew what I would actually use and what I really wanted to have. Surrounding yourself with an arsenal of little luxuries makes your stay that much better as having a baby really isn’t a comfortable experience now matter how you go about it.

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

Last time I brought way too much stuff and barely touched a thing. This time I have paired things down but upped the quality to ensure that the items stand up to the task as parenting is not an easy job. Instead of a big rolling suitcase I have packed this gorgeous black leather Belber Arch Bowling bag that can easily move from room to room with me if needed (sometimes you get shuffled around as new beds become available- hello upgrade!).

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

The grained cow leather bag features several microfiber lined interior pockets making organizing all the bits and pieces a breeze and ensuring that your gadgets stay scratch free. The handles are modeled after antique luggage handles and it also features an adjustable striped shoulder strap with stainless steel and leather fittings, which stand up to heavy loads without fear of a strap breaking.

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

This bag is unisex meaning I won’t be embarrassed to ask my husband to hold it for me along our journey if needed. And once my hospital stay is over this makes the perfect weekend bag for a quick trip around the region or as a carry on for a long haul. Imagine how many diapers this baby could hold!? This is a bag you will use time and time again for years to come.

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

Nightgown and Robe by Maison Zhou

For Mama

hospital basics- mom

Cardigan and Underwear: Hatch | All others: Mayarya

For myself I have packed just the essentials. With the birth of my son I lived in the hospital gown for the first several days but once I started taking visitors I switched out to some relaxed feeding garments in fab fabrics. This gray nursing dress is a great alternative to a hospital gown and just as comfy. I would be happy to do laps around the maternity ward in this Mayarya kimono-style nursing top paired with over-the-bump leggings. These stretchy bras are a must for those first few days and weeks of feeding keeping me as comfortable as can be with all that is going on in that department. Plus, they are a sublime wire-free option for sleeping in as you often wear a bra 24/7 while feeding. Once back at work, or at least out of the loungewear, than you will want something with more support. And no matter if you are in hospital or at home in confinement, you and baby will both enjoy snuggling up in this super soft gray cashmere robe by Hatch.

For Baby

luxe hospital - baby


Most hospitals provide simple outfits and blankets for baby’s stay but you will need something for the ride home. Baby has just left the soft warm surroundings that he or she has known for the past nine months so why not welcome them with some super soft and fabulous goodies to make them feel snug as a bug. I love this organic cotton onsie, hat, and mittens set from Bonpoint. There are matching booties to this look but I decided to switch those out for a set of embroidered cashmere booties by Hermes. After all, mama does love a pair of standout shoes! Plus, you can frame these later with the birth announcement in a shadow box ensuring that you will get to enjoy them on and on even after her little feet don’t fit them anymore.

Having too many muslins is not a thing and these Aden+Anais ones are top notch. They work as swaddles, feeding covers, burp clothes, stroller/car seat shades- the list goes on and on. Plus, they get softer and softer with each wash. For a heavier blanket Little Giraffe outperforms with a furry round option adding softness and style. Think The Beach People but the baby edition. The one item you will never leave home without is this chic dark gray Mayarya nursing cover/scarf. Like the muslins it can be used a number of ways and makes the perfect airplane travel companion as it is warm enough to be a scarf for you or a blanket for baby. Plus, there is enough fabric to cover all the little limbs for when you want to nurse privately but also happen to be in public.

The Essentials

luxe hospital- essentials

There are a few other handy items that are a must for a hospital stay. My friend told me to bring an aromatherapy diffuser with a relaxing scent like lavender, bergamot, or lemongrass. At first I though I wouldn’t use it but it really made a difference in the room and made it feel far more like a spa setting than a clinical environment. Even the nurses commented on how nice and relaxing it was in my room (check that your hospital allows candles and if not opt for a reed diffuser). Without a doubt bring an eye mask. Some of the hospital beds have lights you can’t turn off and in shared rooms you never know when the overhead light will go on. I would suggest headphones or earplugs too but you can’t really get away with that when dealing with a newborn so skip those! Be sure to pack some comfy slippers for walking the halls as well as a pair of simple shower shoes.

For the beauty front, a lovely scented face mist will freshen you up and bring you back to life in a snap. Add a swipe of Benefit Gimmie Brow and a few hits of mascara, if you must, for visitors. I also keep a tube of Lucas Pawpaw ointment in every bag I own as it works great for everything from chapped lips to dry cuticles and even as a diaper cream.

I included the Moms On Call book here which I have really enjoyed reading this pregnancy. I didn’t read much more than “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” the first round and really wasn’t prepared when my son had trouble sleeping (up every 45 minutes for a year!). This offers clear mom and nurse approved tips for everything you might run into along the way as well as straightforward schedules for getting the most food in baby during the day which helps to promote better sleep at night. Read this before your hospital stay and refer to it as often as needed afterwards. There are also volumes for 6-12 months and one for the toddler years. You can order the complete series on their website and they ship to Asia!

Tuck all of these items safely away in your Belber bag and know that you are all set for your hospital stay. Here’s hoping that you have a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery, and a sleepy baby! And if you need to vent, just give me a call. I’m probably awake!

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

Nightgown and Robe by Maison Zhou

Belber on by Sabrina Sikora

Additional Items to Pack:

-most hospitals provide diapering essentials as well as feminine products for mom but double check before your stay

-breast pads and shields that collect milk (great for clearing baby’s eyes and treating cuts and scratches)

-list of everyone you want to inform about baby’s arrival plus their emails addresses

-Duct tape (for holding phone and computer chargers to your bed)

-manicure set/ nail file (baby can be born with very long nails)

-tea bags (so easy to ask for a kettle and mug and so calming)

-cameras, computer, phone, chargers (the longer the better)

-sterilized water wet wipes and antibacterial wipes

-watch for timing feedings (or download an app)

-manual pump for taking the edge off

-snacks, snacks, and more snacks

-feeding pillow for baby

-nipple balm

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