Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Chanel, Necklace: Mania Mania c/o Shopbop, Rings: Forever 21, Alexander McQueen, Watch: Michael Kors

I love this dress. Not only does it act like an optical illusion in downplaying the bump but it is loud and conservative at the same time! This is my perfect shape for a dress. It hugs in all the right places to be sexy but covers enough skin to not be trashy. And yes, I paired it with white shoes! GASP! I know that growing up in Georgia one could be banished for the simple act of wearing white shoes or a white jacket after Labor Day. Here in Hong Kong there is no Labor Day so there is no rule. Plus, white can honestly be worn year round as long as you match the feel of the item to the season. For example, if these were open toe shoes and I was trying the pull them off in December then I’d see a problem with that. But these are an easy pump perfect for pairing for as long as bare legs season is here (I’m not a fan of any tights but black and I also prefer to match shoes with tights color meaning black shoes and black tights is ok but white shoes and white tights is terrifying to me.). These are my new favorite shoes by the way. My last pair of white pumps were ones that had an attached ankle cuff and I loved them dearly (sadly, they are now too small but I still have them- saving them in case this babe turns out to be a girl). I wore them to my high school graduation because the staff was insistent that we wear white closed toe shoes so we would all look the same. I have real issues with that all looking the same thing unless you are a cheerleader (uniformity is key), a dancer for le Crazy Horse (identical measurements…insane!), or an actual twin. I chose to stand out by buying the craziest shoes I could find that met the requirements and striding across that stage at a towering 6’4″. All my teachers kept commenting that they didn’t know how I could walk in them and I am pretty sure that one person went so far as to call them street walker shoes (ps-they were fabulous and looked a lot like this). Hmmm… I seem to have gotten off topic so in conclusion…. body con in black and white is a win! The end.