Top: Zara; Pants: Michael Kors; Turban: Vintage; Bag: Mulberry; Shoes: Spanish Shoes HK; Camera: Fuji x100s; Rings: BCBG, ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop, Earrings: Caty on Caine Road

For those days when you have a lot of running around up and down very big hills and the usage of very big heels is not recommended this is the look of choice. Navy pants that I may soon sleep in (given the lack of sleep caused by my seven month old that is a very real possibility) and a flowy white top that I will surely spill my decaf latte on combine to form one hell of a comfy ensemble. There are days for dressing up and wearing make up and fixing your hair and then there are those days when your kid has been screaming at you most of the night prior and you just can’t get it together or have the mental capacity to actually want to get yourself together. Instead of running around town in sweatpants and a college t shirt with a messy topknot (ok, the topknot is blogger approved and  still exists) I opt for cozy chic.  You can walk into a high end shop and still feel like you moderately belong but could also pull up a stool at the boho tea shop down the alley and fit right in (mostly thanks to the turban which is covering my fairly wet hair). A swipe of  a bright red lip (Dolce & Gabbana Scarlett, please!) and a coating of Dolce & Gabbana mascara and I’m set to go. I even managed to put on an earring! Of course, that could be because I keep a smattering of accessories in my purse for glamming on the go. I feel like I am the only girl in the world who doesn’t have a make up touch up kit but a jewelry one instead. Perhaps it is the Southern in me but I just can’t leave the house without a little something on my face and a few sparkles on my digits! Go Dawgs!