Dress and Belt: Zara, Jacket: Bongo, Shoes: Toms from Lane Crawford, Bag: Goyard, Necklace: DIY , Various Bracelets

Pale Blue Shirt: Fab’rik Macon, Denim Shirt: Zara, Pants: Topshop (37″inseams!!!), Shoes: Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret (c.2002), Bag: Liberation, Glasses: Goodwill, Necklace: DIY

I was in the mood for some enormous jewelry and, after a trip to Sham Sui Po to gather the goods, decided to make my own. Enter this ombre crochet bead and tassel necklace. I am still very new to the DIY scene so it took me a while to figure out how to make it all work but once I did I was on a roll! By on a roll I still mean that it took me two plus hours and I punctured my finger with a large sewing needle. Actually, I am not really sure now why a needle was being used but if you saw the amount of tools I had laid out to get this job done you would be surprised that that is the only injury that occurred.

In other news I am loving my new Tom’s shoes and find that they make me quite spritely compared to the heels that I am almost always teetering around in. It’s amazing how quickly you can descend a flight of stairs when not griping about your knees and/or trying not to plummet face first off your platforms!

And now that I’ve shown you my fun new necklace let’s take a moment to celebrate the greatness of denim!

me wearing a denim Zara dress and drinking delicious chocolate milk from a box.

<bonus post material coming at you>

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