White Lace Dress: Forever 21; Belt: Club Monaco; Shoes: Born, Bag: Vintage and I added the tassel; Necklace: Vintage; Bracelets: Too many to name; Fan: bought it on the street in Vietnam

This dress was an impulse buy at Forever 21 when my friend Lindley was in town. I always seem to stock up on summer dresses when I have visitors in town because I see how cute and effortless their holiday packing is and want easy breezy pieces for myself as well. We popped in the shop and I ended up buying this and a few floral skirts (more on that later) for a guilt free price. I love that about Forever 21. As soon as it falls apart the trend has passed anyway! After taking this look for a whirl around HK I decided it was fit for travel. My better half and I spent this past weekend in Saigon and I brought this little lady of a frock with me and he kept commenting on how pretty I looked the whole night long. I think anything that goes off the shoulder adds instant allure and femininity so I assume that was his draw as I was a sweaty mess and not feeling particularly glam. I must say that wearing all white and as girly a frock as this does make one tend to stand a little taller and twirl a little more. Not that I need more incentive to twirl! In any case, I now declare that white lace is the perfect summer go to! Happy twirling everyone!