Blazer: BCBG; Cashmere Tank, Skirt, Shoes, Bag: Zara; Necklace: Cat Street Market; Ring: Dillard’s

There is something just so fabulously easy about wearing gray. It’s as basic as black but you don’t get lost in a crowd of LBD’s and it’s far less stain prone than white. Plus, it always tends to remind me of those high school sweat pant days when you could get away with wearing them out in public because you were young and naive and were sticking it to the man by showing that you don’t care what people thought of the way you dressed. Kidding. I have always cared what I am presenting to the public and any proper Southern belle would say the same (Dear Southerners, please forgive my crazy hair. The HK humidity kills all products and styles instantly). This little look was tossed together as I was running out the door to meet my better half for dinner in Central at Carnevino. The goal of the look was comfort and leg which a cashmere tank and a mini seemed the only way to accomplish. Somehow this white mini stayed flecked with only silver threads and not the steak sauce or mustard that accompanied the delicious meal. Overall, a grand night!