Suit, Tank: Zara ; Bag: Vintage Celine ; Shoes: Sam Edelman ; Rings: Alexander McQueen ℅ Net-a-Porter and ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop ; Necklace: ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop

This blue suit is the end all be all for me. One- it’s blue which is my favorite color. Two- it’s comfy as hell so I don’t have to think about sucking in or standing up straight or if some strap or thread or what have you is poking out. Three- it is just plain cool! I don’t work in an industry where I am expected to wear a suit so donning one is a treat. If I had to wear “work” clothes all the time I probably wouldn’t have been so excited when I saw this on the rack. Then again if I was to wear suits day in and day out I would make sure they were as chill as this. This one actually looks better with a bit of slouching and an “I don’t care” vibe which probably would’t get you very far in the boardroom but I wore this to dinner so it’s another tale entirely. This is my first purchase of the sorts and I can guarantee it won’t be the last. Have you tried out a suited look?