Romper: Forever 21 clearance! ; Shoes: Spanish Shoes HK ; Bag: vintage; Jewelry (brace yourselves….) Necklaces: C. Wonder (“D”), Vintage (coin and zodiac signs), Verameat (camera), Karats & Keepsakes (initial pendant); Bracelets: Jaguar ℅  Polkadot, Cartier, Hermes, Vintage,; Rings: Citrine by The Stones (pinky) ℅ Shopbop, ManiaMania (ring finger) ℅ Shopbop, Mallarino (ram on middle) ℅ Net-a-Porter, Alexander McQueen (pointer finger) ℅ Net-a-Porter, Twelve-O-Two by The9thMuse ℅ The9thMuse on the left pointer finger; Glasses: ℅ Carrera

This is my outfit for when I really want to wear pajamas but in a sexy way. Not like a lingerie way but in a slouchy-comfy-I-don’t-want-to-get-dressed-I-would-rather-sit-on-my-couch-and-eat-popcorn-by-the-handful-watch-Clueless-for-the-umpteenth-time kind of way but I would still like to be moderately attractive. That’s a style, right? This little number got worn to a friend’s house when she had a family band set up in her kitchen for a little impromptu jam session. I loved it! As we tossed back white wine out of martini glasses and ate the most delicious homemade marshmallow cranberry cookies (thanks Vanessa!) I realized just how much I love this city and how much I love my friends! Some of the best nights I have known are sans heels and involve little more than good chat with good friends….a  few cocktails help too. Looking forward to another excuse for this romper during family game night where I will intro Cards Against Humanity into the mix. And by family I mean friends. Same same lah.