Jacket: Zara, Cashmere Tank: Zara, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Aldo, Necklaces: Lionette from Polkadot, Bag: Zara, Rings: Alexander McQueen and BCBG

I have been in love with this olive jacket forever and have now transitioned into the more casual version, which I originally thought wasn’t me. I actually needed it for safari so I picked it up at Zara with the intention of just wearing it while wildebeest watching but soon realized that it could go to far wilder places than Botswana (i.e. Hong Kong streets)! Now it is my go to thrown-on. I also realized that I now have three olive coats so clearly this was a trend that I was meant to embrace!

In other news, these shoes have been sitting in my wardrobe since last summer with only one wear. Clearly the tribal trend needs to be tapped on the tootsies as well so they are back on the feet and back on the streets. I swear I smile every time I look down and see these! Plus, they are really comfy and I love how tiny they make my size 11’s look (ps- thank you Aldo for making big shoes!).

Ok….off to enjoy the weekend…