Dress: Vintage, Shoes: Rainbow, Bag: Kate Spade, Necklace: Forever 21, Various Bracelets

Yes, I love vintage. Yes, I love dresses. Yes, I love prints….CLEARLY! I used to use these crazy pieces only for shoots and that was it. I never had the guts to wear them out of the house but I realized (and rather recently) that if you love something you should embrace it. It may take inhaling a few deep breaths before I walk out of the house to gain the confidence to rock this in public but honestly, I love this wild ridiculous overly-loud and overly-accessorized style! It is fun and what is fashion if not fun! Fashion gives you this amazing opportunity to express your self and tell people what you are all about at with nothing but a glance. Hmmmm….I guess my clothing tells you that I’m a bit loud, a bit crazy, but mostly, that I don’t take myself too seriously! My outfit choices change with my mood and with the weather (sunshine=color!) but I can almost always guarantee that there will be heels and too many accessories. No matter what style you are drawn to put it on and wear it with confidence! You get one life! Be bold but most importantly be you!