Denim Shirt: Zara, Sequin Skirt: Forever 21, Suede Boots: Sambag, Belt: Ferragamo, Bag: c/o Ports 1961, Glasses: c/o Ferragamo, Pinky Ring: Citrine c/o Shopbop, Skull Ring: McQueen c/o Net-a-porter

This is an ode to my giant Ferragamo belt that I scored at a sample sale. For a while I felt like gianormous belts were all a thing of the past. Do you remember the Fendi ones with the huge buckles in in the early 2000’s? I do! I remember wrapping them around my waist pulling them tighter and tighter in an effort to look a size smaller for castings in NY (it worked until they measured my hips!). For several season’s now I have been donning skinny belts, sometimes several at a time. Well, now it’s once again time to break out the big buckled beauties! This one weighs a ton but seeing as I have no intention to hop on a scale ever while wearing it then there are no issues. So go ahead and feel free to pile on the pounds with your hearty belt of choice.