Dress:vintage, Necklace: Cat Street Market, Shoes: Nine West (I confess my love here), Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Sunglasses: c/o Salvatore Ferragamo

Surprise! I’ve got a bump to style! Here is a shot from this past week and the fast expanding bump that is creating new adventures in dressing! My early idea was to just wear black for the remaining six months but that is boring when done to excess so I’ll start with this simple black dress that I have had for 10+ years and then  will build and create and see what fun style ideas I can come up with for this little love bump. Yes yes… quite large for 16 weeks …no, it’s not twins. Basically, this new curve popped out at 12 weeks and I am just enjoying the ride. Plus, I’m 6′ tall so this babe will probably not be a small one! The trick is trying to outfit these new found curves. I’m used to being shaped like a rectangle so this new womanly shape is throwing a curve ball at my typical styling ways. Stay tuned for the dressing adventures to come… I’m seeing a lot of fun prints and accessories in my future! Wait… that’s not anything different from my usual ways. In any case,  I promise to talk more style and less baby, if you want to chat baby stuff then just drop me an email and I can fill you in on all things preggo. OK…let’s do this!