Jacket: Vintage, Shirt: BCBG, Leather-look Leggings: Asos Maternity, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Scarf: Vintage Celine, Glasses: ℅  Carrera, Leopard Rhinestone Necklace: Caty Jewelry, Long Necklaces: All Things Indulgent, Rings: McQueen and Mallarino both ℅ Net-a-Porter, and BCBG

As the bumps grows larger and larger with each passing day I have been reminded how great a flash of color is especially around the face! Hence the topping of my looks with lots of headscarfs and turbans in a vain attempt to draw the eye up. The red, orange, purple, and electric pink lipstick that I paint my pout with is another attempt at this. It allows me to brighten up my face and somehow think I am fooling you into thinking that I am not as big front to back as I am side to side (this has been proven wrong many times as I have tried to turn to let someone pass by me in a narrow aisle only to find that I am still large and in charge whatever direction I face). Besides my optical illusion of drawing your eye up this outfit has another thing going for it.  This outfit is essentially as comfy as pajamas while still letting me be scene in public! The “leather” leggings are one of the few maternity purchases I have made and they were worth every penny! I would have never worn anything like these pre bump but when you have so many style restrictions put on you (absence of a waist being the main one) you tend to look for other ways to bring in a bit of fun and flash to the wardrobe! The only drawback to wearing leather leggings, a ton of color, an obscene amount of jewelry and heels is that no one believes that you feel bad enough to skip ahead in the taxi queue! Just one look at the vast array of air sick bags in my purse and maybe they would change their mind and let me cut the line before I need to use any of said bags! Ah the joys of pregnancy!