It’s been nearly ten years since I packed my bags and hopped a flight from NY to Asia and, pretty much, never looked back. In that time I have adopted new customs and sayings and made a host of new friends. I’ve seen streets in my neighborhood change from dried fish stalls and auto shops into cool cafes and hipster dens selling farm-to-back-pocket wallets and the like. In general it gets easier to be an expat with every year that passes.

As far as shopping goes, more and more sites are recognizing the spending power in Asia and offering international shipping. But there are still a few things that you can’t quite get your hands on when living abroad. Even if a site offers international shipping it may not ship every item on their site. Some colors or sizes may not be available to leave the USA. Well, fear not! Things just got easier to get just what your fashionable heart desires. Meet The Luxe Link.

The Luxe Link is a shopping concierge service based in NYC dedicated to sourcing and shipping exactly what you want and for the best prices. You send them a link, wishlist, or photo along with any other notes or comments you may have and they get to work. Shortly after they will confirm that they have found your item and they add it to their platform where you simply add the good to your cart and check out right on The Luxe Link site. They then buy the item(s) for you and have it shipped to their office where it is inspected and repackaged, if needed, to cut down on shipping costs. If there are multiple shipments the Luxe Link waits for all items to arrive before sending it on to you. You receive an email confirming that all is well and that the item is on it’s way to you with a better idea of when it will be delivered. A few days later a box arrives at your door and you are a satisfied customer holding what no one else in your area could get their hands on. Lucky you!

Instead of you securing a US credit card, or IP address, or a friend acting as a shipping port you can use this quick and simple service. The platform is clear and easy to navigate and the service is fast and professional. Best part is if there are any problems with the items then The Luxe Link handles them! This saves you loads of time from traipsing back and forth to the post office and dealing with unhelpful customer service teams who may not even know where Hong Kong or Singapore is on a map!

I recently purchased an Alexis Bittar ram head ring online but couldn’t get a hold of the matching pendant. The Luxe Link came to my rescue, found it for me, and sent it out in a matter of days. From my original request to them receiving and inspecting the necklace was about seven days. My item passed inspection and was sent right out along with an email with my Fed Ex tracking number. Three days later I was wearing my necklace!

The fee structure is simple. You pay for your item, any associated taxes, and shipping along with a 10% service fee for all their hardwork. This isn’t made for sites that already ship to you. This is made for those hard to get items – those items only available in certain regions. These are the special things that you just can’t get where you are and therefore require a little extra footwork. This can range from clothing to accessories to beauty items and even baby strollers!

And there is a special offer for you! When you use The Luxe Link give them the code THEFIRSTWIFE at checkout and receive a US$50 credit toward your purchase (US$200 minimum spend excluding taxes and delivery fees). Offer is valid until July 31st, 2017. Like I said, living in Asia gets a little easier year after year. And this year it just got a little more luxurious too!

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