The first day of fall has passed and the Mid Autumn moon has risen. You may not be able to feel it in the air but it is most certainly that time of year where holidays are on the horizon and Starbucks will soon unveil those momentous red cups. Before we take that leap let’s just dip one toe in the autumnal water with a few fall shades for your beauty routine. I have a key basic to save chapped lips and I also have a little luxe too for your lust list. Meet Septembers top beauty picks!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Lip Color in ‘So Vain’

The shade I’ve been sporting since this little gilded tube landed in my bag is “So Vain” by Tom Ford. Aptly named, it will case you to take an extra selfie, to pause in the window reflection instead of walking by, and to touch up your lipstick anywhere and everywhere just to show off that square tube with the little TF stamp on top. The outer is a deep chocolate brown and the lipstick inside indeed smells like a truffle making it even more indulgent when applied. The scent is actually a combination of soja seed oil, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamelia flower oil. The combined ingredients make the formula glide on smooth and last really well but just so you know it won’t make it through a meal. Who cares when you can just whip this little lovely out and apply this decadent dish as your dessert!

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil Bedroom Black

For the past year every eye line I have done has ended in a wing but this pencil is changing my ways. Sure you can apply this and draw the perfect cat eye but I love how it smudges with ease giving you that rolled around in bed all night look without losing all that sleep. My favorite way to wear it is to work the pencil in to the lash line on top and on bottom then tap my ring finger through it all after my shadow is in place. To up the drama line the lids then apply shadow then line them again and smudge. The silky texture means that it works in easily but it soon dries and stays in place… perfect for a real night of no rest.


Givenchy Prisme Libre

At first glance this powder intimidated me a bit. Four shades in one? Should I apply them in different areas of my face? What is one ran out before the others? But fear not, my beauty cadet, this is truly beauty in a flash. Just dip your little powdered pouf into the container and then press to your face. Not only will you apply the perfect amount in one go but also you will be branded with the 4-G logo! Just try not to instagram that! One stamp per cheek, and on the T-zone, blend and go. The four shades work together harmoniously to create translucent coverage that mattes the shine but lets your skin show through. There’s no caking here! It also works brilliantly around the eye area as the powder is so fine that it does not settle into any lines. That gorgeous times four!

Lucas' Papaw

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

I’ve been on quite a few shoots with Jaime from Smudge Make Up Artistry and I’m always amazed to see this product nestled in among all of her high shelf beauty buys. I’m also amazed at how often I see her use it! Turns out you can use this ointment for a myriad of things beyond chapped lips and nappy rash. Give it a go for setting your brows. Add a dewy highlight to your cheekbones, brow bones, or inner corners of your eyes. You can even apply it to your lashes for a glossy sheen. And you if you happen to have a minor sunburn or mild eczema then dab it on that too. This is one of those wonder products where you will wonder how you have ever lived without it!


Elemis Sp@Home Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend

Even in Hong Kong’s ever present humidity I am left with very dull dry skin on my legs and arms and the winter months make it even worse. This year I can fight back with Elemis Japanese Camellia oil. This body oil goes on easily and absorbs quickly leaving your skin with a hydrated shine. The scent is warm and intoxicating yet somehow calming too. I have a feeling that in the cooler months I may just cover myself from head to toe and hibernate till the Sevens. Victoria Beckham actually tweeted that this was the product she relied on to ward off stretch marks for baby number four. Only downside is that the cap is so tiny that I worry it will slip down the drain and getting the tiny cap on after oil covered hands is near impossible. Still it is worth the fuss for such glossy skin!

Next time we chat beauty news it will be Halloween! Maybe I will find some face paints for your big night out or better yet how about I work on finding a great cleanser to remove them! Until then, enjoy this cooler weather and these warmer shades and healing products. As always, if you have a top tip then drop me a tweet @sabrinasikorahk.

Lead image:Sabrina Sikora | Make up: Jaime Smith | Styling: Jasmine Smith